Friday, March 13, 2009


Hey guys. I know it's been a while but things are moving slowly.
Laura, a friend who has volunteered, spent the night and we tried making hair bows.
It took two hours and we made 2. Needless to say we are slow and still aren't 100% sure on how to make a pretty hair bow to sell. If you know how or know an easy to learn from tutorial online. Email me.
The email address is . It'd be appreciated.

Also, I need crafty people! I've heard from some people about crafts some people are doing for fun. I need to contact them. I've sent some of them a link to this so, HINT HINT! Ha ha. We definitely need to get a rolling!

My youth pastor at church agreed to let me speak on this subject one Sunday night in the next month. I'd LOVE to have a bunch of stuff to take and sale that night. So we need to get started. Over Spring Break I can have a craft making party at my house, maybe. It depends on if my dad has to work everyday. This would ROCK! Both boys and girls, crafty and craft-challenged people are welcome. I just need volunteers.

I've recieved some ideas, which were awesome. I want your feed back on this one. What if we had a party and charged admission, like 5 bucks maybe? The money raised would go towards making bags! I'm brainstorming on where we could have this party at, preferably somewhere that wouldn't charge us. I have a few ideas in mind, but I need to check on them. It'd be this summer when everyone is out of school. We could get some local bands to play, if they wouldn't charge. How awesome would that be? Email me feed back. or if you know my personal email or myspace, that would work too.

Okay so I think that's it. Crafty people, EMAIL ME! Non crafty people, tell me your willing to help even though you can't do crafts. And send feedback on my ideas.

God bless,

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