Saturday, May 9, 2009


Updates! Yay. I know it takes me a while and I am sorry. Once school gets out we will get more on here and hopefully our new site open. I need a computer genius.. Anyone know someone? [=

I hate that we couldn't go last Sunday guys.. I wanted everyone to be able to go and with that weather, even my Dad was iffy about me going. We will not go tomorrow because it is mother's day. Next Sunday we will!

I want to get going with CDs! I need someone who can burn me some music first... And more songs. I was thinking the first cds we make could be a cd that is dedicated to our generation rising up.. It's been said that we can/will be the generation to be on fire and rise up for the Lord. I fully believe we can be but it is going to take more evangelistic teens! Rise up! [wow off subject... I am going to do a typed sermon on here about that soon, promise!] And another CD for Girls... Songs that uplift the young women around us and remind us that WE are God's daughters and a PRINCESS! [=

Boys, I hate that you haven't been included much. One of you should step up and throw an H4H boys thing! Do a bible study. It is what us girls have been doing. We work on the stuff and do a bible study!

We are about to do a deodorant and SMALL things of bug spray drive. This is perfect for summer! We need churches involved all over! If your church can help email me We want other youth groups on board! Jump on and email me!

What about a party for the end of the year? We can either charge admission or make it a donation of either deoderant, bug spray, or money to get in. I want your oppinions. I am going to talk to my youth pastor about this more tomorrow and figure out what we will do. Let me know your thoughts! We will need a band.. If you are a local CHRISTIAN band and want to play let me know! We'd love to have you. Also, if you want to help in anyway email me!

Also, the newspaper with the article about us ran last Thursday! I haven't had any emails yet but keep that in your prayers. When Nicole scans it I will put it on here for you to read!

God Bless,

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