Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey guys! We are about to visit the Nest again this Sunday night! I am not sure what time we are meeting at my church to leave, but I will post when I know so keep checking back! Friday night we are having a bag making party at my house, ladies only! We will have a spend the night party as we work on making bags.. I am unsure of how many we will make but if we finish early, it will be okay! We will do a bible study this time, I am unclear on what but it has been on my heart to do one this time. Suggestions are welcome. [= Not only will we make bags, we will decide on our next step. I want everyone to pray about this. The guys, and girls who aren't coming, need to e-mail me ideas. Once I have ideas we will vote on it. I will send out an e-mail to those who were not there to vote. I might even make a poll online, who knows. Ha ha. Friday night we can meet at my house between 5 and 5:30. If you want to attend and have something else to do let me know and you can definitely show up later! I want as many girls that want to come, to come! We will make room for us all in the living room.. Ha ha. Everyone needs to bring a snack food, like a bag of chips or something with them for us to eat. I expect a lot of girls this time. I can provide the drinks but everyone can bring food so that we can eat as we work. Also, we can make a taco bell run if you guys want. You can carpool with each other to my house. I will give directions if you e-mail me! If there is a problem about how you will get there, ask me and I will find you a way! I'm excited girls, we will have a blast.

I am so sorry guys that there hasn't been much for you. It's hard to make bags during the weekend at my house since an adult may not be able to be there at all times. Next time I will find a way! We might need to go to someone else's house, which is okay. Don't forget to e-mail me guys!

If anyone wants to volunteer now, e-mail me! I need your name, number, and e-mail. That's it.. You can be involved. Ha ha. I need as many teens [and younger] as I can get!

Keep Nicole and I in your prayers. We have our interview with the Leeds News tomorrow.

God bless,

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