Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Hey guys! Not much has happened lately, I know.

November is a crazy month at my church because of the boys and girls Vida Nueva weekend. So we are pushed for when we will take coats and blankets to The Nest in November! We are going to have a workday October 31 from 12-2. Bring a snack and 2 liter drink and we can eat as we go! :) Anyone who wants to help that day is more than welcome, even if you are not going on the trip Sunday. We need your help to get ready because a lot of preparations have to be made! Then November 1st we will make a trip to the Nest leaving around 5:30 and stopping along the way, as normal. But this time we can only let around 10 people go. Since we are handing out clothes we will not need 30 people going. So e-mail me or talk to me very quickly to go!

We still need clothes donations and will take them until November 1st. Contact me to donate or bring them to the Church at Bradford Road.

Thanks in advance!

God bless,
Katie Green

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