Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Hey guys! Wow I have so many updates.

We made our first set of hygiene bags and God was moving SO much this last weekend. The girls who helped were: Laura Driggers, Brittany Williams, Brooke Williams, Kelsey Thompson, Stevie Thompson, and Nicole Bryan. They are awesome. I thank God so much for them.

I'm going to start off with making the bags.
Every girl but Nicole spent the night. She had family plans. She came the next morning. That night we did inventory and counted donations and what Nicole and I had bought. When we did this we realized we did not have near enough toothpaste, shampoo, or chapstick. Now, let me tell you guys how expensive chapstick is!!! O_O When we did this we went to Wal-Mart, which was around 9 o'clock. This was a fun trip. People looked at us like we were crazy. When we left, we went to Taco Bell.
The next morning was when God kicked it up a notch, haha. We started making bags. Originally, we had planned to make 120. Hal averages around 100 people at The Nest, so this was our goal. For some unknown reason when we finished we all looked at each other and said, "We have to do more!!!!" God had placed it on our hearts. We still don't know why honestly. So the seven of us went to Wal-Mart for shampoo and toothpaste. Once in line we went to pay and our cashier could not seem to count it out as the right total. Brittany decided to go buy Skittles in the line behind us and began talking to that cashier. Then, a lady came into line behind us. Our cashier started calling for her manager to come count out the money. We start talking to the lady behind us. She asked why we had so many toothpastes and shampoos. [62 to be exact haha] We gave our website to her and she told us she worked for Leeds News and could spotlight us!!! She gave us her number and said to call Monday. I did and now I am going next Thursday to interview with them. How awesome? We can get the word out here locally and get more help! Nicole is going with me, she has helped me out SO much it is unreal. She is a blessing. ANYWAY... that is not the most awesome part of the weekend by far. When we finished I gave our website to the cashier. Then, Brittany said the cashier behind us wanted to talk to me. I talked to her and found out her father was homeless. She thought that this was a good thing and told us she respected what we are doing. I gave her our website and told her we would do what we could to help her father. Then, outside there was a group of bikers raising money for children's cancer. We gave them our website and a donation. They e-mailed me Sunday saying they would help!

Now. Tell me God didn't do a ton in a 2 hour period!

Even better comes later though, promise.

We finished almost 200 bags, 193 to be exact. Wayyyyy awesome!

Sunday night was our night to go to the Nest and deliver. We get there and then find out the church who feeds them had cancelled due to weather. I'm not sure how many people were there because I'm bad at estimating but it was betwen 30-50 people. We had brought leftovers from our church's 101 class with us to give, a blessing from God. If not for that those people would have went hungry. We fed them and handed out bags. 17 teens and one 5th grader went with us. I'll post names later, I don't know everyones last names.

We go back to the church and decide to worship. It ends and two girls Ashley and Brooke call me to the back. They tell me they are ready to change and wanted to be saved. I prayed with them. This was amazing. I cried, for only God knows how long. I was SO happy. These girls are going to be MIGHTY warriors. I know it. Pray for them. [Sorry girls if I embarass you, I'm pumped!] They are going to help so many lives now that they are changing. It is the best thing that can happen to them. If you are reading this and don't know Jesus Christ as your savior.. E-mail me. He's there and He loves you more than you know and without him your life isn't as fulfilling as it can be. With Him you can be happy when there are thunderstorms because you know you have hope and someone is holding you ALWAYS! Spread_Hope09@yahoo.com E-mail me please. I want to share the greatest love I've ever known with you. [=

Wow, that is a lot of stuff for one blog. One last thing, I am working on a better looking website with FORUMS! So, if you are good with stuff like that e-mail me. [=

God Bless,

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