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Wow. I know I neglect this blog a lot.. But it has been a VERY busy Summer for me. I know, that is no excuse. I'm going to try harder though!

Before I update you on our trips you guys need to know we are redoing membership. This ministry is SERIOUS about we do. When we make trips I only want people going who are dedicated to ministering to these people. You may have never been and don't know if it is for you.. I encourage you to go at least a couple times to see. The first time is usually awkward.. But after that it does get better. We are asking questions about the ministry, you, etc to help us see if you are really involved for the right reasons. If you have not gotten these questions e-mail me at I am still encouraging you all to add our myspace.
If you are NOT going to be involved or are taking a break due to Football please let me know. I understand you may have too much going on right now to give Hope for the Homeless your attention. Just let me know, please.
Connie and the group :D

We took Connie some shoes on the 12th. Connie is a man down there that is SO helpful. He always wants to help unload stuff, carry stuff, and set up stuff. When church's are unloading food from their vans, he helps. When we have boxes, he helps. He is so sweet. We bought him new shoes to say thank you. He told us that if he had of found God years ago it would have made his life so much easier. When he said that it really spoke to me. So many people say, "Well, I can do that Jesus thing when I'm older." or "Why bother in high school? I'll do it when I graduate." So many people won't accept Jesus Christ as their savior and follow him because they think they will live forever. There is a one hundred percent chance you will die one day. You do not know when that will be; it could be tomorrow. Why wait? People who have been saved think that they will live forever too. "Why do the hard things now? I have a long time to do that. I can help others when I'm old and out of high school." Wrong. God forbid that anything should happen to you but it can. Connie is wise and knows from experience. Don't wait.

Brandi and the Crossroads Girls

We went last Sunday, the 26th as well. When we took Connie his shoes we met a woman named Brandi. You can't tell in this picture but she is 5 months pregnant. She is due in November and believes it is a girl. She has a place to stay. It sounds like her and her boyfriend are trying to get back on their feet. We want to help her since she can't afford clothes. We bought her some maternity clothes at the thrift store in Moody, along with 2 baby toys and some neutral color baby outfits we found. If you have any maternity clothes you want to get rid of please let me know. This woman is very sweet and kind. She lectures the boys that go with us on how to treat a lady. She lectures us ladies on how we should never let a man mistreat us. Brandi is very spunky and it's hard not to love her.

Now for the future stuff. I'm not sure when we are going again. It will be soon though! Trust me, I will not let it be long. If you want to go contact me at

We are trying to get enough water to take in August. We will take that along with the powder flavors. If you can donate a case of water or two it would be appreciated greatly. Contact me at to donate.

Also, in September we will begin collecting clothes to take to the homeless. We need warm winter clothes. If you want to buy socks to put it, that would be great too. I encourage you all to go through your closets and donate old winter items. If you don't have any go to a thrift store and buy some warm items. To donate e-mail me at

That is all that is new for now.

God bless,

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